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    structures that is at the base of it depends on consti


    may grow rapidly without sufficient dilatability of its surrounding capsule

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    cles. Gargles I do not recommend nor are astringent sprays likely to

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    able extent and there is frequently tenesmus especially


    its development without remuneration and had not only

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    of copaiba cubebs and sandalwood three times daily. This treatment

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    Similarly the recent developments in the subject of endocrinology are adequately

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    each case is to ascertain the antecedent conditions and thecircumst.ances

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    wisely spent. Let us if we desire to promote eificient re

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    and by its postero inferior part to the mediastinum. It showed lesions

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    tion of the brain and its membranes or are complicated with it not

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    be applied to the Nofe fuch as Cajior A a Fcetida Partridges

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    tury ago could have imagined possible. It is indeed doubtful if even

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    anatomy the most recondite physics and the most complex

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    outweighs that which is disclosed upon the post mortem

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    Ben Harris had led off in a practice of extermination

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    Mcdiod Eiuinrfnfaif Boerd in England. Whether a thoroughly good

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    Case. Hermsdorf reports the case of a girl aged fourteen years of good

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    poisonous action of chloral alcohol urethane paraldehyde caf

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    of labor including the expulsion of the placenta. He

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    lodged in the common duct. He also states that the majority of the

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    Dr. Lewis Smith stated that in the large proportion

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    uterus pressing the heel or palm of hand downward thus

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    infection before actual pathologic changes become installed.

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    with a linseed poultice renewed until there is no longer tenderness and

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    a certain amount of metabolism was required. The specific

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    epithelium is more frequent and the vesicles occasionally assume a

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    not seen any operations on goitre myself. I think that surgery

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    dorsalis. and involuntary secretion of a gleety matter or rather of

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    fication may be distinguished in the following manner

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    with version of the astragalus removal of the bone re

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    the Association comprising the elected governing body and

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    speculum which can be ultimately fixed into the chest piece of any

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    the disease under consideration has most affinity to be a

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    degree of dilution when large quantities of water are ingested.

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    loosened in its attachments hyperaemic and irritated by

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    Ker m it any exdasive reproach to the art of medicine that

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