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    tity invariably produces an increase over the basal

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    from forty four to fifty five deaths. In France the sani

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    ess. The cavity did not fill up and a fistula still remained

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    in which the nucleus as it shrinks becomes more com

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    plated with something of fear as it seems probable that such a system

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    he had another attack of inflammation of the left chest which

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    tions adopted the tkemiotktraptvlie method. To he success

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    lary gland without farther extension but a foetid bacillus may have

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    tato and other amylaceous substances may be cautiously

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    with which it may be procured. Perhaps a brief account first of the

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    poured out abundantly per saltum and it was black like

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    as it was the laryngeal condition in each which brought the pa

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    to the nervous and neuiastlienic typi of injured workman Hr. Paterson said that

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    tinkling except two with which I have been acquainted the

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    those lines of thought and of action that may most profitably

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    crazy and had these ideas in the back of his mind when he

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    Descriptive Catalogue of the Medical Museum of McGill University

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    urinaria en nsESten Tommer laug Uterus niascularius.

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    heart and nervous system and affects the secretions less

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    are surrounded compressed and involved in the tumor forma

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    difficulty in thought processes moderate aphasia with

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    vomiting after two months a small elongated swelling was noticed

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    to have gone too far in considering hepatic congestion as the

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    including the introduction of the Annals of the Anatomi

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    and an air of confidence prevails can secure help of good quality

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    demic area of cholera This great Kumbh occurs once in

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    of the following invigorator to stop hair from amp lliag out or

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