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    motor and sensory functions are again represented and form the sub

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    structural disease. The lungs were perfectly sound and

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    certain that there may exist alliuminuria from local circulatory disturbances

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    truss had never been worn. The sac seemed to contain the

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    cologist is mainly an attempt to cure the disabilities consequent

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    peacihes melons guavas etc. are of the best and cheapest.

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    ward and finally of the fibers which are more immediately concerned with

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    to operate immediately after the occurrence of the hemorrhage

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    make simple sciatica or sciatic neuralgia very rare but in facial neuralgia

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    to two small arteries which readily controlled the hemorrhage.

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    best scholars and have less instead of more culture and refine

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    by the writer and there is also a therapeutic formulary. The

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    inhalation of phthisical sputum afford strong confirmatory

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    reap some benefit in the reduction of premium. This matter of

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    the Blue Ridge the Commissioners appointed by the Virginia

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    tioned to the needs of each case. They reinforce and

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    that level. The movements of the. bladder are complicated first the

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    purulent or sanguineous or caseous exudation products accu

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    liable to attacks of an inflammatory character attended

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    symptom to the phenomena depending on vital properties whilst those

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    methods have never been described before I think it

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    troduced into the rectum. There was reason to hope that the

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    tal. However many cases of hyperthyroidism following a

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    these experiments appeared satisfactory but they are

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    marrow with resistant leukemic cells and augers a poor

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    radiographs of illustrative cases. Because of the wide scope of

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    times they become incorrigible when this is the case geld them at once.

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    When the flagellate was feeding it inserted this posterior spine

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    them not to seek to give patients the impression that they

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    ing was lost on the right side. Vision was impaired on

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    be applied immediately with proper treatment of the wound with far

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    lead worker and who had been suffering from gangrene of tlie

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    Cramps in the affected muscles and about the joints lead arthralfjia

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    the corset diffuses the wearer s waist instead of partially annihi

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    absence of caseous changes. The pleura is almost invariably thickened

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    and parametritis describe in terms of the uterus alone affections which

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    allopathist in theory and practice is a gentleman of thoroughly

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    certainly had a tumor but that an operation was not advisable.

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    too irritating either for horses or dogs it is sometimes applied

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