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    Treatment In severe cases of curb where there is much lame
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    Vomiting had ceased. Sir William Hingston made a diagnosis of new
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    pulse though still rapid was of much better quality
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    all and the impossibility of obtaining it in such quantities as recom
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    I react against the present tendency to excessive improve
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    Society has only five members in that county. San Bernardino
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    country and town. In France it is said that between and
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    by the round cell infiltration without any plasma cells.
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    of quackery is so strong about the whole subject that
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    dially thank them for their success in the directions indicated by us.
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    medical treatment have been successfully tried during the year and
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    to stand or move when the owner decided to have him put to
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    will have far fewer particles than a much lighter coal dust per
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    Wetmore Alexander Smithsonian Institution Washington D.C.
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    death to asphyxiation. There is little doubt that well developed edema
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    Viatka reports a serious outbreak of Siberian plague
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    Amebetine dentifrice has been prepared by Messrs. Allen amp Hanburys to
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    given. Stimulants of diffusive character may be used.
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    cept at the angles which are filled with healthy granulations.
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    manner. The difficulty is increased by and indeed is largely due
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    that of bovine tuberculosis is only sliglitly or not at all patho
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    experience alone than misled by improperly made or interpreted laboratory
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    The Materia Medica of this department embraces aqueous solu
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    much consideration. One year ago small pox was declared
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    We wish to call attention to the striking similarity between the
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    to oppose the present educational movements at improvement by the profession.
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    in fall doses and repeated sufficiently often to induce and
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    is frequently of diabetic origin and of the soft variety.
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    de I apnemlicite dans la senese de I occlusion intestinale.
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    ties as Professor of Mathematics and Natural Philosophy he performed until his
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    osonies is decidedly quicker. After its administration at times within
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    Bulkley says in gouty subjects Alkalies must be given with a free
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    Tuberculosis of the intestines and mesenteric glands is
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    better health free from abdominal pain and his general condition somewhat im
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    now mention only the ptoses of the stomach intestines liver and spleen.
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    gas jet five metres distant from the eye and A B a small
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    small recently formed sacs. In the borderline cases only showed
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    at times epileptiform convulsions. This is practically always due

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