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    the Insectivora and man. It is unfortunate that as yet so little

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    with threatening uritmic convulsions rapid manual dilata

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    surface of the phalanx. Powdered nitrate of lead has

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    were dark and very offensive. Since the time the glyster was given

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    in Germany. The losses to German farmers from this cause

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    tapped for the ascites on Jan. but with only tempo

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    lene plus such antiseptics as eucalyptol as being less

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    plete suppression of the phthalein excretion but much larger doses

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    The election of officers for the ensuing year resulted as

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    For the smaller animals peptonized milk glucose albumen water

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    Rerlin. TTeber den Einfluss der rechtsscbiefen Scbrift

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    formalin in preserving the intestine. After the speci

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    having.subsequently gone into a warm room was attacked

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    not take place in all cases of epilepsy it is rarely

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    the disposition of the disease was to great prostration of strength

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    stituent of the latter. The physiological action of both however is

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    graduated after attending two full terms. He then began the prac

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    and followed by rapid disintegration and detachment in the form of

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    XEROSIS OF THE CONJUNCTIVA. See Conjunctiva Diseases of.

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    the operation the patient was in a fairly good condition

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    ing a month leaving oS his sedentary habits and living liyti.xed rule.

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    plications of a grave character. Boiled starch or flour gruel

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    new cases of pulmonary tuberculosis occurring in adults or youths

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    Tne cure of Sexual Debility Impotency and Spermatorrha a may

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    with much more satisfactory results. The patient was

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    shows an examination within the last year further examination will

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    friction to be converted into open sores and at the same time

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    didates he supports. They treated the defects of the

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    rule can be laid down. The Old fashioned Practitioner in a healthy

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    means of a series of simple tackles. For active movements

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    according to their histological characters differing from each other

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    crevix. The first spinal curves of the uterine artery. The horizontal uterine

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    this mode of procedure will we fear present but little of in

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    and House of Pecov lt ry Cork street Dublin for the year

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    the patient is attacked with acute metastatic affection of one testicle

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    lower extremity of the ileum were empty contracted of a white co

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    coccus pathogenetic to man and animals and found in erythematous

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