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    solid masses easily torn or broken by pressure. The lymph was
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    particularly if the deficiency in salts is not corrected artificially
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    weakened so that the erectile powers are diminished the penis is weak at
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    against in practice and Professor Skoda warmly protest S
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    congestion in which the value of bleeding is all but universally
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    the nature of the disease processes as inflammation
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    kocytes. Other vessels are surrounded by a scattering of small mononuclears.
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    lively interest and pep which marks the other sports of
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    deemed a practice peculiar to the shores of Africa.
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    strange disease but horses and cattle are very subject to it.
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    service can be maintained under the latter system than
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    observers to detect astigmatism and to investigate the subject of colour
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    normal duct practically always and the thickened duct
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    existed twenty years before the typical symptoms of multiple sclerosis
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    are often seriously injured requiring extensive bandaging which is tuUy
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    corpuscles undergo under the influence of the current.
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    slightly active culture filtrates was increased by means of dialysis
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    the microscojK. A oil immersion lens should always be used when
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    this issue of the Review we reproduce the following from The
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    Unmethodical and irregular feeding is quite as bad as feeding
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    necessary for inflicting upon its consideration a new in
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    rasions the local lymphatics are often swollen it is noticeable
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    mour lying over the right kidney occupying the whole
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    which Leprosy Occurs in China Indo China Malaya Archipelago
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    than is usually supposed. An earthy tint of the skin is
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    Chnes of the Coopers and Aston Key of Liston Cramp
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    makes it merry. It makes women joyful mothers of children
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    Berry waa attacked on the th of October in the uaual manner with
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    In corresponding with Advertisers please mention THE MEDICAL AND SUBGICAL KEPOETEIL
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    intendent of the Hospital and of the Trustees and the
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    tim is unconscious or in such other condition as to in
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    in this neighbourhood. It must be obvious therefore that
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    at distant objects he half closes the eyelids. It is most common in
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    night his pupils were very widely dilated pulse small
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    elementary schools have more or less defective hearing. By means
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    towards the present edition it was considered advisable that
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    in a research from Muller s clinic in comes to the conclusion that
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    a little simple syrup shaking well to moisten the surface only
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    tity is injected very ilowly into the blood the greater
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    put is approximately attained. At the time of maximum
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    It is on account of this difficult approach to the semilunar and
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    absence of dulness and blowing breathing and the general character of
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    a case of glanders for instance they immediately enter a record
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    Dr. William Blown said I should like to ask Dr. McDougall whether
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    sugar fed. All showed large amounts of glycogen in the hver cells.
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