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    Procursive proved critical and salutary and carried off congestions

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    seen has cleared up under proper systematic treatment.

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    risks to the child and the mother were carefully explained to the

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    political power conferred some peculiar virtues on the

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    contains fat. mucus blood vessels nerves and absorbents

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    tion in the capsules of Bowman the epithelial cells being granular swollen partly

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    autopsy. The earlier writers like Morgagni certainly attached angina

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    tract or twist them. There may also be displacement of the

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    green color will be observed in the presence of tyrosin.

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    with much more minuteness and it is to the latter subject that

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    until the first of August. The quantity injected each time vary

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    of the disease the diagnosis of appendicitis is not

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    and to check irritability of the stomach or control obstinate vomiting.

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    dust Tyndall found to his great surprise to be organic in

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    sized catgut. The patient was ut to bed with the arm

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    writer once saw a case in which a nodule the size of a

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    tion which is well deserved and will probably always be SO.

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    agement serve to develop it. The infection is virulent and may it

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    drachms of laudanum daily. His practice included a large amount of

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    stomach from one parent the liver from the other and

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    By M. Chassaignac Surgeon to the Hopital Lariboisiere

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    cauterization of the cervix is an operation and like all other

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    tion is not only fatiguing to a patient in such circumstances but

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    The Committee on Meeting wearing white badges consists of Messrs.

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    acid poisonous fumes are evolved. In the distillation and purifica

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    be duly qualified. Applications with testimouiala to the Secretary on

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