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    the area of distribution of the nerve remains sensitive to even the slightest

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    found in eighteen cases which had previously given negative results. It

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    writers term the second stage namely involvement of the lower extremi

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    Bacteriology of Twenty five Post mortem Examinations.

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    tal Displ. icement of the Hip joint by Complete Kecumbency with Extension

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    bass instrument. He had been employed at the Tudhoe Iron Works

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    female is about two centimetres in length cylindrical filiform and about

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    to experimental hyperglycemia can be investigated tmder

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    glands are perfectly healthy. The large intestine is studded with

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    Europe so still in India it pervades nil climates and is moro

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    and may occlude their lumen. The epidermis is affected secondarily in

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    habit is as well recognized by the medical profession

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    affected. He made a small incision into the abdomen and ex

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    To Camf Mttde Antiapolia Junclian Md. for duty from Fort

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    fresh plaques. Therefore such a mode of transmission is apparently

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    surgical treatment should be given when possible at the time of

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    sangrene times the occurrence of bullfe times extreme general pallor

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    is found especially in hogs it is said that it may occasionally occur

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    can be transmitted by a filterable virus only an additional step

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    the subjects a student is required to attend his first year are

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    such time and place as the President and Secretary may

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    For the benefits which have been derived from the sudo

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    erysipelas in swine opinions differ widely. After a long debate

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    which hemorrhage is arrested spontaneously may even per

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    mortality is not due to precautionary measures hardly

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    thinks first of tuberculosis but I believe this infection was ruled out

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    other words a state that is less or more one of disease just

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    shall defray the expenses incurred in the issuing of such cer

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    family and none of his relatives have had discoloration of the skin.

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    limping on his lame leg. After fifteen days he resumed slow

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    the scar tissue and then interrupted catgut sutures passed

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    the credulity of the ignorant only. They are never found in

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    lish sculpture executed during the last half century.

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